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About the Business DTS

All over the world, business men and women are having their eyes opened to God's purpose for business as a vital instrument for fulfilling the Great Commission. The catalyst for this change is rooted in the understanding and implementation of Biblical foundations into the daily lives of business owners, practitioners, and students. Through God's word, these men and women are learning that business has power to transform communities and nations in Jesus' name. This transformation has affected both individuals and their communities. Not only are individuals delivered from poverty and slavery, but entire communities are experiencing development that supports a growing church, and ultimately many coming to faith in Jesus. With all of this in mind, this Business DTS is designed for people with any interest in business, including entrepreneurs/owners, business practitioners, business students, or folks exploring business as a catalyst for transformational change. It will help will help lay solid foundations for a life of service to God through business, either in your home community, or to the ends of the Earth! Participants will learn to know God more deeply, how to live more like Jesus, and identify how God will use your unique gifts to take part in a truly Great Commision that we are all invited to participate in. Youth With A Mission have been training people through DTS programs for over 35 years, preparing them to be Christ-followers in all arenas of society.


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