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News Letter


Dear Friends,

It has been a wonderful journey of three months with the DTS here in Hyderabad. We inaugurated the school on 17th of January and started the first week with explosion of God’s power among us. As the days went by the grace and the presence of the Lord kept on increasing and students felt enriched in the curriculum, interactions with speakers and staff.

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The most fun times were during Fridays where we wore different kinds and patterns of dress to ease the environment and enabled all of us for a fresh time of ministering to each other. Students from different parts of India and Thailand Added color to the variety in the group.

Speakers from three continents engaged all of us in to a deeper and meaningful encounter with the Lord every week. Special ministry times and staff washing the feet of students was a real time of good memories where the Lord met with all of us and dealt with our struggles with his grace.

Just like any other DTS we had tough times, especially the neighbors asking us to vacate the houses we rented due to religious bigotry, However the Lord had a different purpose in all of that and He took care of us well by providing a much better place for us to run the show! HE INDEED IS JIREH! All glory and Honor to Him and Him alone.

We are at the brink of commissioning the students to their respective Outreach locations spread across the Indian sub-continent and South East Asia. Our plans for these teams are to go out in to tough places like Tribal belt in Chattisgarh and Orissa, Madhyapradesh, Nepal, Telangana and Philippines where they can put the learning in to practice. We are exploring and studying the possibility of starting a couple of VERY SMALL businesses with BAM vision for the nation. We ask you to stand with us in prayer as we wait upon the Lord for HIS help.


Struck down but not destroyed


Students and staff are moving the base



I would also like to take this opportunity to invite all of you to visit us on 11th of April, the Saturday for the commissioning ceremony. Kindly honor us with your presence on that day and release the students with your prayers to leave a greater impact on the communities they chose to be witnesses at. We will start the event at 6:30 PM and conclude it by 8:00 PM followed by fellowship dinner.

Kindly keep us the BAM DTS Hyderabad in your prayers, especially FINANCES as we are running way behind the budget expectations. We are in need of God’s intervention.


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Jessica & Praveen